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There square measure several employee agencies in London. Some concentrate on specific areas like Finance and IT, whereas others take a general approach and supply casual labour and staff from across the board. They square are supply of workers to the varied industries and that they are particularly important to the tiny businesses within the town.


Paul works as an International Deal Maker and Business Consultant. The majority of his work comes from referrals and involves international trade, usually (but not exclusively) between the UK and the rest of the world.

Paul has an impressive client list, some of which are featured within this site. It is not always possible to list all clients due to the sensitive nature of the product / work / contract nature involved.

A highly qualified International Deal Maker and Business Consultant whose progressive career has been based upon a platform of education and global success with market leading companies. 

Unlike others in his sector, Paul does not come from an accountancy background but from a lifetime of running his own successful businesses and so unlike some, he can and still does “walk the talk”.

He approaches every Deal Making and / or Consultancy opportunity with the same approach and it stems back to an early lesson he was taught; that is not to concentrate the focus on an early win but look for and build a long term relationship where all parties continue to profit from doing business together.

Often, the entrepreneur is looking for the big win and will be in danger of scuppering a great opportunity because of the desire to realise some return on an innovation they have been working on for a long time. Paul’s approach is a perhaps considered by some to be a more measured approach, he believes if the innovation is right for the global market then it is best to build a strategy around maximising the profit return over the life cycle of the product. This approach is favoured by others whose investment in both time and cash is required to make the product come to life.

Best to build a product that leaves a legacy of safe and secure jobs, an attractive product lifecycle and a great return for inventors and investors alike.

Paul took some time out of industry in 2008 to take a Masters degree in Creating and Developing Businesses. For the first time, this opportunity gave him the luxury of developing hos own thoughts and ideas on the role of entrepreneurship within the economy as a whole, in particular its’ role in regeneration after a recession. It was at this time that he had a chance meeting with Mark Forbes, who was the Head of Innovation at UK Trade and Investment. Paul had researched the assistance given by the UK Government to businesses with aspirations to internationalise their product / service. It quickly became apparent that Paul and Mark shared some views and opinions on the current offering and what was really needed to help UK businesses find new markets.

At the time, Mark was developing a new programme for UKTI called the International Deal Maker and he asked Paul for his input in helping put the programme together. Paul, at Mark’s request, wrote some academic papers looking at how Innovation Centres could be assisted to bring clusters together of like-minded entrepreneurs and collectively pitch for large international projects and contracts.

The project came to life in 2010 when thanks to UKTI and ERDF funding Paul became one of only two International Deal Makers within this programme.

The project aimed to deliver the following;

To assist targeted companies and drive revenue generation by building propositions, high value deals and capitalizing on specific business opportunities.

Matching sellers with buyers on an international stage, building multi million pound partner agreements, collaborations and contracts.

Drive the creation of revenue for companies and building-in sustainable growth, which will lead to enhanced employment levels.

January 2012

Paul Christopher Bond has successfully assembled a group of investors to form a company to handle the sales and distribution of a ladder leveller being developed in Chicago, USA. The product’s inventor Martin Warren lives in Gloucestershire, England and signed agreements with an American company to development the product in December 2011. The whole deal was constructed by Paul Bond and dates back to earlier in 2011 when he personally took the product out to Chicago to meet the company and gained sufficient interest for them to sign a five year exclusive agreement with the British company.

The newly formed group of investors have formed a company to handled all sales and distribution of the product everywhere in the world outside of North America. Paul says, “We expect to sell 14 million units of this fantastic product over five years.”

January 2012.

Paul Bond has been contracted as a Business Consultant for Ingenious Inventories of Bath, England. Paul says “This company have developed an excellent product which will revolutionise the inventory business of residential lettings. The company will expand aggressively from 2013 and I am here to help the owners on the journey.”

December 2011.

Paul Bond joins Wingfield Business Consultants Ltd.

Paul Bond, International Deal maker and Business Consultant has joined Wingfield Business Consultants.

November 2011.

Paul Bond joins The Blue Stripe Option Ltd.

Paul Bond, International Deal maker and Business Consultant has joined The Blue Stripe Option Ltd.

Pau says, “I am delighted to have been offered a position within The Blue Stripe Option Ltd as a Consultant. The company works with inventors and innovative companies to commercialise their inventions. Blue Stripe differ greatly from other similar companies, inasmuch as we don’t take any up front fees. We take some sweat equity in the company and if we win on the journey of commercialisation, then everyone wins!”